Mold Design & Development

Westfall Technik offers complete injection mold manufacturing services ranging from design to prototyping to tooling. Tight tolerance, high volume multi-cavity molds are our specialty and our passion.


Proprietary Molding Technology

Once an injection mold design has been approved, the injection mold making process begins.


Mold Sampling

Westfall has in-house sample capabilities using our Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower 15t micro molding machine.

Micro Molding


Micro, But More So.

WestFall has basically “skipped” a generation —- taking technology and expertise to a new level; bypassing the standard “old-fashioned” technology that has been around for the last 45 Years.
WestFall is the new industry leader in Micro. Specifically, micro-injection molding.
WestFall allows customers to scale more financially, with quicker times to market, less scrap rate and more efficiency. We have one touchpoint to manage and integrate projects from prototyping through to customer tray and packaging directly from the molding machine.

  • Proprietary Molding Technology (MHS Micro Molding System)
  • Direct gated micro molding of high dollar value resin
  • Perform all development at single site
  • Build micro cell
  • Validate micro cell

Capabilities & Competencies

High standards for tiny parts

Everything gets more complicated when parts get small. Gate location and style choices become critical. Put them in the right place and everything works. Put them in the wrong place and the tiny cavities might not fill properly. Tolerances become smaller and smaller, requiring highly specific experience and tooling capabilities for success.

Skills for small spaces

With micro injection molds, a deep understanding of the technical realities of fabricating and producing a mold become crucial. While a mold design may be theoretically perfect, working in miniscule dimensions allows for an equally small margin of error.  Our mold design team’s direct line of communication with the mold shop allows us to create micro injection mold designs that work exceptionally well in practice as well as theory.

Very Tight Tolerance to ±.0001

Our micro injection molds can fit in your hand and produce parts smaller than the tip of a pen. We have successfully molded engineered plastic with part weights as small as 5 milligrams (.005 g) and micro detail features as small as .004″. Micro molds often require plastic tolerances to ±.001″ resulting in steel tolerances of ±.0001″ which is the culture our employees embrace at Westfall Technik…perfection driven.

Injection molds done right

Our Class 101 custom injection molds are designed to perform consistently over the course of millions of cycles. We focus on high-production, fully-hardened molds for parts small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and multi-cavity molds that fit up to a five-hundred-ton press. We can produce both single-cavity molds and multiple-cavity molds.

Interchangeable Cavity Injection Molds

We have both the capabilities and the expertise required to create interchangeable cavity molds. Both the impressions and the blocks are interchangeable, ensuring you don’t have to take an entire mold out of production if there’s a problem with a block. This saves our clients on time and production costs for years after the mold is delivered.

Injection Molds for Every Industry

Whether your custom injection molding needs involve medical device manufacturing, medical disposable products, surgical products, microelectronics or consumer products, we can develop an injection mold solution for you. We invest in cutting-edge technology and create cost-effective custom processes that allow us to offer high-quality solutions to clients looking for complex molds solutions. Our capabilities allow us to work across industries, creating molds for clients ranging from medical device developers to microelectronics manufacturers.


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