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KellerTechnik - Online

KellerTechnik are Thomas Mueller (electronics, programming and music-production) and Daniel Kobras (photographs and video-production).The project was founded in 2011 by Thomas Mueller. Daniel joined in one year later as the Photographer and Videographer.

The Remixes are strongly influenced by the early electronic scene of the 80's. Especially by Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Anne Clark, Front 242 and the Darkwave movement in Germany.

The ambition is not to make a cheap danceable Remix, in fact we want to carve out the profoundness of the songs we remix. Dress them into our own created sounds, put them into a darker atmosphere and let flow our own ideas about melodies, sounds and arrangements.

KellerTechnik has also produced some offical Remixes for other Bands (for example Among The Echoes, Robert Marlow, KATElectric).

All remixes are created with Steinbergs “Cubase”, Propellerhead’s “Reason” and the brilliant Native-Instruments “Komplete”-Suite and some additional Modules from Heavyocity.

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